Like all life, CK9 was born from the sea. Our name pays homage to a simpler time, a landlocked band of friends, the open road, and some questionable surf skills. Has much changed? Well we have jobs, families, and responsibilities, but CK9 is still just a Seadawg in sheep’s clothing. Still loving life. Still mediocre at surfing. 

Clay Mitchell


“Filmmaking is a collaboration of amazing people, hard work, and total dedication to the craft.”

Clay has worked throughout the film industry, from Hollywood productions and major commercials to adventure films and documentaries. As an established Director and award-winning Cinematographer, Clay attributes much of his expansive career to his years working at Sherpas Cinema. Clay now co-owns and operates Ck9 Studios in Nelson BC.


Simon Shave


“Anything’s possible.”

Simon is a jack of all trades with a passion for storytelling. After exploring a variety of careers, film production became a place for Simon to exercise the most of his broad skill set. Every job is different, and having a wide breadth of knowledge has proven an invaluable asset. Simon uses his extensive management experience, organization, and people skills to help produce award-winning films.